What makes this method revolutionary
is the participation of all professionals who have
decision-making capacity within the company,
regardless of their technological level.









3 steps



Creative process
to detect
business intuition



process to analyze
the AI detected



Technical process
using existing


In this step, the main objective is to detect the possible artificial intelligence that is in our business, for this the method uses “design thinking” techniques and we managed to bring to light the possible intelligences that exist in our business in just 2 hours. In this step, the important thing is to detect, not analyze, for this, in the session we will let creativity have no limits.


Once we have made the discovery, normally we will have between 5-10 possible AIs for our business, it is at this moment when an analysis work begins to determine how these AIs should be and if we are close to being able to develop them or far away. This step can be done right when Discovery ends, and it usually takes 2h more to complete. The main objective is to deconstruct the 5-10 ideas that have emerged to determine their feasibility.


This step is very different from the previous ones and very technical, since you will need a more technology and company-oriented process. It is normally carried out by the technology partner and the company’s innovation or operations department. To do this, we start from the work done in two previous steps and from the analysis of the company’s data policy. They are normally used between 2-3 weeks.