About aibizfy

Aibizfy is promoted by Dear Intelligence with the aim of creating an environment where the generation of opportunities around the AI will be accelerated.

In this community, any company that wants to implement AI or has AI-related services is welcome.
You will find:

  • Companies that have data and knowledge that can generate AI
  • AI Partners who have knowledge about AI.

It is a privately managed community and clearly business oriented.

About Dear Intelligence SL

Founded in 2020, it is the product of years of observing the IT market and more specifically the AI ​​market. Its executive committee is made up of:

Its main objective is to generate a new investment model in Artificial Intelligence.

This objective is based on:

  • Intelligence is a necessary element in any business, in the same way, the business sectors are grouped around a common intelligence. Therefore, all AI will always have more than one client.
  • The IT sector is evolving towards a consumption of services based on payment by consumption versus payment by project, thus favoring an ecosystem of investment in technology-based startups: investment in the technology market.
  • Artificial intelligence must be quickly exemplified in specific cases to begin exponential growth.

This goal can only be achieved by following a collaborative scheme with the existing ICT industry and the SME sector, therefore we have established a balanced collaborative ecosystem in Aibizfy.

At Dear Intelligence we know that our objective will not be achieved with aggressive market approaches but with intelligent approaches, always counting on the collaboration of all the agents involved.

We are born in Barcelona, ​​an incredible place to start great projects.