A game that stimulates the mental
exercise necessary to discover the
intuitions that we use in our
professional activity.









Why a game?

We all have an intuition hidden behind
knowledge. The game is one of the most
efficient tools to stimulate the areas of our
brain necessary for discovery.

Are you ready to discover your professional intuition?

AI Design Thinking cards

(Stimulating creativity)

It consists of a deck of 45 cards inspired by more than 150 artificial intelligence use cases. 

These are divided into 3 groups:

The Card

On each card we can read a phrase
food for thought.

It depends on where we place a product, it will have more or less acceptance.

These phrases typify different situations that can provoke an intuition. If we identify it as something similar that happens to us, we must put it on the FrameWork of the session.

The Framework

(Helping to focus)

Before the aibizfy session, the framework must be created to help us focus the session so that all participants share a work objective.

When we have discovered a card, we will have to put it in the framework. If it does not fit in our framework, it is not a good card for this session. The framework helps us focus the session. In one session we should only work with a framework to obtain quality results.

The Board

(Helping to prioritize)

While the participants of the session are choosing cards, they will appear in a digital projection.

We will have to place, each one of the cards that we will have reserved, in one of the boxes in order to determine its priority. If this is a current need and we are ready to address it at the same time, it should end up in the clearest box (Highest

Priority). If this is a future need and we are not ready yet it will end up in the darkest box (Lowest Priority).

Current / future need and values, what does it mean?

When we identify a possible Artificial Intelligence, we must ask ourselves, if it is aligned or part of the core values ​​of our business. This point is important in order to assess whether the effort to develop this intelligence makes business sense.

So we have 3 value zones:

  • Current values / needs
  • Future values / needs
  • Remote Values

Let’s see an example?